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Easter Weekend Dinner Specials

 April 18 & 19, 2014

Fresh, Long Line, Day Boat Ling Cod

wild caught on the northwest coast, coated with an 

Oregon hazelnut-panko crumb crust, pan-roasted, napped 

with a blueberry beurre blanc then served with 

brown rice pilaf and fresh vegetables

American Waygu Culotte Steak

aged, well marbled, culotte steaks from the Snake River 

Ranch, broiled to your liking, sliced, napped with sauce bordelaise then served with crisp, peruvian purple 

potato fritters and fresh vegetables

Bistro Special: Shrimp Louis

a little bit smaller portion...crisp wedge of iceberg lettuce surrounded by sliced avocado, hard cooked egg, asparagus spears, diced tomato and fresh, first of the season, Oregon bay shrimp, served with your choice of our 

housemade dressings on the side

Easter Weekend Breakfast Specials

April 19 & 20, 2014

Crepes Suzettes

freshly made crepes warmed in the classic "suzettes" 

sauce of brown sugar, butter, orange and brandy, topped with fresh berries then served with two eggs as you like them and Milo's breakfast potatoes

Lamb Benedict 

boneless leg of lamb, slow roasted, sliced thin then layered on warm croissant with soft poached eggs, draped with rosemary scented hollandaise sauce, then served with 

fresh cut fruit and Milo's breakfast potatoes


Happy birthday greetings this week to Kerry, Jennine and Frits.

Our premium bourbon this week is "Rowan's Creek."

We're making our way through a variety of premium bourbons.  

Let me know what your favorite is.

Thanks for sharing some of your appetite and weekend with us

Loren, Marianne and Milo's Fabulous Crew