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Loren makes good on the annual Husky/Duck game bet...wait till next year!
Take a day off they said, Get some exercise they said.  Here's a look at manual piledriving with brother Neil.
70 pound piledriver, 28 posts, 12 whacks at a turn is all we could do, but we do it all day!
Can you the poster child for a gym?!?!? All that hard work does pay off.
If you're inclined to work with a personal trainer...ask Remy McGuire @ NWPT to work with you.
We were recently featured on Fusion.TV.  Here are the spots, thanks Fusion!
I can't believe I made this bet!  Thanks for putting up with me and for all your support.
We were featured on NW Cooks. Here are the segments.  Thanks for your support.